Armin Tahmasbi - Encapsulate

February 19, 2020



I'm a young entrepreneur and a Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Connecticut, working on "Drug Delivery Systems, Self-Assembled Nanoparticles & Microfluidic Devices", in Storrs, CT, US.
I'm working in Self-Assembled Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Mu-Ping Nieh on "Drug Delivery Systems for cancer therapy". We're developing a universal platform for encapsulating and smart delivery of a wide range of drug molecules and imaging agents to the tumor inside of the human body. What we have already achieved is showing that we can create a system which is able to be modified based on the type of the target cancer, and can release the drug locally into the tumor due to its unique shape and ultra-small pre-defined size.
Before this, I've been working in other fields of bioengineering and biomedicine such as metal implants for bone and teeth replacements, biocompatible coatings, crystallographic orientations, liver tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering, and electronic semiconductors.
Recently, I'm also focusing on microfluidics based automated machines for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Bio Source: LinkedIn

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