Benefits of Seeing a Naturopathic Doctor

January 18, 2018


Have you been swept away by the growing health and wellness movement that has been expanding throughout our country? While the nation as a whole, continues to struggle with obesity, more and more people are starting to take their health more seriously. The push towards better health includes many facets. From exercising more and eating better, to mental health exercises and self-care, people are trying alot of different things in the name of being healthier and living longer. That includes trying new forms of medicine and healthcare. For example, many people are exploring more natural treatments, including getting more medical attention from naturopaths.


Different From a Traditional Doctor


Not everyone is convinced that a naturopath is the way to go, but many people are finding positive results from this alternative form of healthcare. So what kinds of benefits can you expect when visiting a naturopath? One of the biggest differences between a medical doctor and a naturopath is that naturopaths take a holistic approach to your healthcare. Naturopaths do go to medical school, but not necessarily the typical medical schools that your traditional doctors attend.  Additionally, medical doctors tend to use drugs and medications to treat ailments as the first plan of action. Naturopaths are not opposed to using drugs when necessary, but they look at the entire picture and prefer natural choices, like acupuncture, nutrition, meditation, yoga, and herbs.


Focusing on the Causes


Naturopaths don’t always focus on the symptoms, but rather what might be causing the symptoms. Traditional medical doctors try to help relieve symptoms as their first course of action, while naturopaths try to identify and resolve the underlying cause. There are several benefits to this kind of healthcare and treatment. While there is risk with some naturopath treatments, the fact is natural methods of treatment typically are much safer than traditional drugs and medication, with fewer side effects.


More Time for Personalized Healthcare


Naturopath doctors also typically offer more individualized treatment than traditional medical doctors. That’s because naturopaths look at the individual and not the symptoms or the disease.  By focusing on the person, a naturopath can determine what solutions specific to the patient are appropriate. A naturopath looks at the individual, his or her medical history, lifestyle and tendencies and considers all the possibilities. They also usually offer more care and attention than traditional medical doctors. Whereas with a traditional doctor you might spend less than five minutes discussing your symptoms, a naturopath typically schedules a lot more time to assess your condition and your needs.


Taking Control of Your Health


One other significant benefit of visiting a naturopath is that they typically encourage and empower their patients to take control of their own health rather than rely on doctors to make medical choices for them. Naturopaths provide their patients with as much information as possible and then empower them to make important decisions to determine their own well-being in the present and going forward.  Therefore, together with a naturopath you can make informed decisions that allow you to take control of your medical care and your health.

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