Avoid These Negative Thoughts Like a Plague

January 18, 2018


There are a lot of things that can affect your career, not the least of which is the way you think about yourself. Whether you’re positive or negative with your thoughts and feelings about yourself those thoughts will go a long ways in determining your success. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you engage in negative self-talk, it won’t make your mistake any better.


In fact, negative self-talk can really send you in a downward spiral that can be almost impossible to overcome. There are many different thoughts that will lead to negative feelings about yourself and hold you back. Here are some of the most common ones that you should do everything in your power to avoid.


Perfection means success – success can be based on many outcomes. No two situations are alike. Even some of the greatest successes have their fair share of failures along the way. No one is perfect and you can be successful without achieving perfection.


Destiny is already determined – the rest of your life is still to come. Nothing has been predetermined for you. You have to avoid this thought process and determine your own destiny.


Never and always – using these two words can be dangerous, especially in a negative connotation. They will lead to feelings of never being able to change.


My future is the same as the past – the past is the past and just because something happened in the past, doesn’t mean that’s how it will be in the future. Your future is no yet written so don’t look into the past to determine how your future will turn out.


Others approval equals success – determining your self worth by what others think of you is a terrible mistake. No one is ever as good or bad as others say they are, so don’t base your success on what others say or think about you.


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