Did Tesla Unveil the Semi of the Future?

January 3, 2018


Most people are already well aware of the Tesla Motors brand. The company has turned the auto industry upside down by eliminating dealers and selling directly to consumers. Their sporty vehicles are completely battery operated and they have become increasingly popular in last few years. Earlier this year, the company finally released its latest offering, the Tesla 3 model, which is designed to be an affordable passenger car that can compete with many other cars in the $35,000-$40,000 market. Tesla also remains a stock market favorite and the company has even bigger plans.


A New Kind of Semi Truck


In fact, in addition to working on mastering self-driving cars, the company has just

announced an all-new electric semi-truck. Yep, you read that right. Tesla wants to

get into the semi business. Much like their personal passenger vehicles on the road,

these semi trucks definitely stand out from the crowd. Chances are you’ve never seen a semi-truck like this before.  The truck actually even shares several parts with the new Model 3, including the same motor. Like traditional semis, the Tesla truck does not have any steps outside. The doors are long and low and when they open you will find steps inside, much like a bus. Once you climb up and enter the cab, there is even enough room for the driver to stand up. You will also find two large display screens and a comfy captain’s chair equipped with its own air suspension.


Long-Lasting Battery


According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, the semi will get about 500 miles on a single charge. He also noted that it would be electronically connected with a fleet’s management system. Of course, these electric semis would have a huge impact on the amount of pollution in the environment if they could replace the standard diesel semis that are all over the road. Additionally, Musk claims that they would save as much as 25 cents per mile to operate over a diesel. That would add up significantly in very little time.  Tesla is not the only company pushing to create electric semi trucks so it will face some competition in its quest. However, the company does already have one customer ready to sign up.


Wal-Mart Ready to Take it for a Spin


That means the electric truck will be getting some real-time testing from a very familiar name. Wal-Mart announced shortly after Tesla went public with its semi that it would be testing the tractor-trailer out on the road. The retail giant said it has already ordered 15 units, five of which will be used for Wal-Mart in the U.S., with the other 10 going to Wal-Mart in Canada.


If all goes well, this could be huge for both companies, as the retailer currently has about 6,000 trucks in its fleet. However, it will be a while for these vehicles hit the road, as Tesla does not plan to start production until 2019, if all goes as planned.

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