Best Cities for Foodies in the US

December 27, 2017

Are you hungry yet? Of course, everyone has to eat. Some people simply eat for fuel, giving little thought about what they put into their bodies, or how it will affect them.  For others, food is so much more. If you’re a foodie then you don’t just eat for fuel.  Food is an experience and it’s something to be enjoyed and relished. Every bite means something and you take the time to savor your food instead of just scarfing it down till the plate is empty. So, if you’re a food lover

with a desire to taste some of the best cuisine around the country, then you need to visit the best food cities in the U.S.


Houston, TX – If you love barbecue, then of course you will find it here. However, Houston is much more than just BBQ. The largest city in Texas is quickly becoming a culinary destination

with so much to offer.  Houston is very culturally diverse and very welcoming to innovative, new

chefs. That means you can find great food offerings from all over the world in including Chinese

, Vietnamese, Hispanic and Southern cuisines.


Seattle, WA – The Emerald City is famous for its food markets, coffee, and organic fair, but the food experience doesn’t stop there.  There are dozens of restaurants and independently owned food vendors that are completely worth a visit.  Thanks to its climate and geography, Seattle is also perfect for farmers to grow a wide variety of produce and protein for the all the masterful chefs to create new masterpieces.


Chicago, IL – The Windy City has its own food flare and it all starts with deep-dish pizza. You can find endless choices for a good pizza pie in Chicago. Other top choices in the area included fully loaded hot dogs,Italian beef, and Garrett popcorn.  Chicago is quite possibly the culinary capital of the Midwest, and it also includes many award-winning restaurants that come with amazing views of the Chicago River.


San Francisco – San Francisco is very innovative and that extends beyond the tech scene. The city is home to a variety of farmers markets, numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, and plenty of unique hole-in-the-wall eateries. The fact is there's no shortage of choices in the City by the Bay.   It even features the expansive Ferry Building Marketplace considered one of the best food markets in the country.


New Orleans – It might include several acquired tastes, but the bayou offers endless Cajun and Creole staple dishes, including gumbo and jambalaya.  But what really makes the Big Easy so special is the tradition you will find in just about every dish you eat. Plus, meals are treated as events that help  connect the community.


New York City – It’s the city so nice they named it twice and that includes the food

options. New York City is known all over the world for its amazing dining scene with both

diversity and volume.  No matter what kind of food you’re looking for, you can find it in

the Big Apple.  The city that never sleeps is also home to the most food accolades, as well, including numerous Michelin - starred restaurants and James Beard Award - winners.


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