A Moment with Sandeep Sardana

Question: Tell me about the Bluepointe Venture fund?

Sandeep:  We are a seed and early stage fund which invests semi in fund to funds and seed and early stage startups.


Question: Are you founder of Bluepointe?


Sandeep: I am founder of the Bluepointe Ventures brand. Bluepointe has another brand called Bluepointe Capital which is a wealth management firm and wealth management advisor. We manage wealth for bay area entrepreneurs, my brother manages Bluepointe Capital Management for tech entrepreneurs.

Question: What is your experience prior to coming into Bluepointe?Sandeep: Prior to Blue Pont Sanjeev and I put our heads together and created an angel group. Both of us are very passionate about entrepreneurship and we thought we needed to give a platform to

entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs that are starting a company again. Or entrepreneurs for the first time pulling accompany together. So we created an angel group, we launched a blog on Forbes, we co-write on Forbes. We also run design thinking sessions. Prior to Bluepointe I was at a design firm called Frog Design, which is known to design the Apple line of products.


Question: At Bluepointe Ventures are you raising money at this point?


Sandeep: We generally represent wealth for the entrepreneurs we work with. Their capital is put to use in a fund format. There are outside folks that invest in our fund. Generally, we aren’t raising like a typical fund would. We work with our entrepreneurs most of the time.


Question: Do you take board positions with them?


Sandeep: We do take board advisory positions. We are looking to take more board memberships.


Question: For more information on Bluepointe Ventures, how would a person go about that?


Sandeep: Bluepointe is 

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