How Ellipsis Health Will Change Behavioral Health Diagnosis

Alan I'm visiting here today with Steven Cupps, he is the head of Business Development for Ellipsis Health. Welcome to today's show. Steven Thank you so much for having me. Alan So Steven, I'd like to hear the background of how you got to the position that you're in today. What led up to this? Steven Behavioral health has always been a passion of mine. If you think about the entire ecosystem, and in healthcare, it's really the biggest unmet challenge today. And so what we're doing at ellipsis is we're harnessing the power of voice. What we're using right now to communicate, and our algorithms turn that scalable, consistent, vital sign for depression and anxiety. Alan That's a big area, depre

Avishai Ben-Tovim- CEO of MDI Health

Avishai Ben-Tovim is a sales & business development executive with years of professional experience and a drive to succeed and to innovate. He holds an IT Engineering degree from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Over the course of his career, he has worked extensively within the sales and technology sectors and held a variety of technical and management roles with companies like Kenshoo, eToro, Google and Roundforest, the latter of which he acted as COO. The experience gained from overseeing the finances of major companies and managing multiple business units has given Avishai the skills to excel in the business world. His most proud accomplish

Dawn LeBlanc- Managing Director at Hartford InsurTech Hub

Dawn is the Managing Director at Hartford InsurTech Hub. She has Diversified expertise across insurance/financial products, innovation, marketing, regulatory, actuarial, operations, distribution and technology. Prior to joining Hartford InsurTech Hub she was the Vice President Business Solutions at Prudential Financial. Dawn attended Central Connecticut State University Where she received her Bachelor’s in Science in Mathematics/Actuarial

Armin Tahmasbi - Encapsulate

I'm a young entrepreneur and a Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Connecticut, working on "Drug Delivery Systems, Self-Assembled Nanoparticles & Microfluidic Devices", in Storrs, CT, US. I'm working in Self-Assembled Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Mu-Ping Nieh on "Drug Delivery Systems for cancer therapy". We're developing a universal platform for encapsulating and smart delivery of a wide range of drug molecules and imaging agents to the tumor inside of the human body. What we have already achieved is showing that we can create a system which is able to be modified based on the type of the target cancer, and can relea

Spencer Jones - Lineus Medical

Spencer worked for 3 years in direct patient care as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, and as a Registered Nurse. Frustrated with the inefficiencies plaguing the healthcare system, he was determined to play a role in improving the delivery of healthcare. In 2014, Spencer won the annual ARK Challenge, an Arkansas based business accelerator. The product he developed was a dual lumen peripheral IV called the BVAD, which focuses on painless and uncontaminated blood draws. While still working as a nurse in the clinical setting, Spencer identified another opportunity where improvement was needed around IV dislodgement prevention. This led to the birth of SafeBreak Vascul

Adeel Malik- CEO of Clearstep

While studying finance and neurobiology in undergrad, Adeel spent his time doing neuro-immunology research at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, contributing to several academic publications. After undergrad, Adeel was a strategy & analytics consultant with Accenture for several years where he worked with some of the largest institutions in healthcare across pharma, health tech, health systems, and retail clinics. Adeel’s skills in healthcare analytics, operations, sales, and his breadth of experience across the healthcare ecosystem enable him to lead Clearstep through the complexities of healthcare innovation. Bio source:

How Braincheck is Democratizing Cognitive Health

Dr. Yael Katz is the co founder and CEO of Braincheck, a healthcare technology company focused on making cognitive health assessments more accessible. Prior to co founding Braincheck, Yael was VP of ecommerce at JW Player and a post doctoral research fellows at Princeton University. She received a Ph.D in in Biological Sciences focusing on Computational and Experimental Neuroscience from Northwestern University. Alan What brought you to co founding Braincheck? Yael If a person has a concern that they're losing their memory or not able to think as clearly as they used to, it's actually very difficult to ascertain whether that is something real that one has to be concerned about or somet

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