Don Howard, CEO of The James Irvine Foundation

Don Howard is President and Chief Executive Officer of The James Irvine Foundation, leading the foundation to focus on a singular goal: ensuring all low-income workers in California have the power to advance economically. (Don joined Irvine in 2013 as Executive Vice President directing grantmaking activities.) He serves on the Public Policy Institute of California’s Leadership Council and the California Community Colleges’ Chancellor’s External Leadership Advisory Council. Prior to joining Irvine in 2012, Don was a partner at The Bridgespan Group, where he served as a strategic advisor to nonprofit and foundation leaders, and led Bridgespan’s San Francisco office for more than a decade. Earl

Rob Ryan on Blackout- The Untold Story of the Internet

About Rob Ryan Rob Ryan founded Ascend Communications in 1989. Rob served as President, CEO, and Chairman of Ascend, taking it public Friday the thirteenth of May, 1994, at $13.00 per share. Under Rob’s leadership, Ascend became the leading manufacturer of Point of Presence boxes (POPS) for Internet providers. Rob describes Ascend’s business as selling the picks and shovels for the Internet gold rush. Ascend has grown from zero sales in 1989 to over 500 million sales in 1996. In 1995, the last year Rob served as CEO of Ascend, the stock was acknowledged as the best performer of the year on all of Wall Street returning a whopping 721% (Business Week, December 25, 1995; pp. 126-127). If you ha

Joe McNulty, Founder & Managing Partner of The McNulty Group

Based at a variety of elite firms and now at the helm of his own company, McNulty wields experience that includes more than 30 years of providing professional services and due diligence in the technology, internet, media, hospitality and entertainment realms. McNulty also has significant experience executing transactions involving both domestic and foreign sports franchises, as well as real estate. He also services family offices, individual venture capital investors, artists and performers. He has served clients in the areas of bankruptcy litigation; transactional due diligence and structuring; intellectual property disputes; commercial litigation; and both criminal and civil tax proceeding

Raamel Mitchell

About Raamel Mitchell Raamel Mitchell is a technologist, innovator and business thought leader and currently serves as the Microsoft Citizenship and Public Affairs Director for the Central United States. As the primary CSR manager for the region, he leads efforts for establishing and managing public-private partnerships, economic development initiatives, STEM education programs, and community investments across 18 states. Raamel is also the U.S. Citizenship liaison for Microsoft IoT, Data Center, and Health teams, as well as, the Citizenship lead for NASA (and space programs). He also serves as the Managing Campus Director for the Microsoft Las Colinas Campus in Irving, Texas. He has appea

Scott Savlov, CEO of Savlov Consulting

Transcript: Alan Welcome back. I'm visiting here today with Scott Sadler. He's a television executive producer, welcome to today's show. Good to see Alan. Scott, you've done a lot of things in your life. But for the listeners, can you bring us a quick update of what you've projects you've worked on in the past Scott I started creating TV shows in sports. And that basically is fulfilling my own, either fantasy or passion of being in an environment where I can have fun. Being an enthusiast of sports, whether it be baseball, football, basketball, golf, allows me to get creative. And so I've created shows that I would want to watch whether they be culinary based. Golf, has been the impetus of th

Matt Follett, President of Follett USA

Transcript: Alan Welcome back. I'm busy today, Matt Follett. Matt is a successful entrepreneur and residing in the Northern California. Matt for the listener, can you give us some background of things that you've been involved with in your life and how you started out? Matt Alan, thanks for having me. I really appreciate the opportunity to be here with you today. We're in Idaho, and it's beautiful around. I graduated from the University of Utah in 1987. And I took a job selling apartment buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. That that was kind of the start of my entrepreneurial real estate business. I learned quickly that I wanted to sell things people wanted to buy, I wanted to sell thin

Martin Frey: The Man Who Conquered The 7 Summits & 7 Seas

About Martin Frey On April 17, 2016, Martin Frey became the first person in the world to climb the Seven Summits – the highest peaks on each continent – and sail the Seven Seas. Ever since Martin was a boy, he had a deep love for the outdoors, especially the ocean; his father often took him fishing and at age 10 he purchased a sailboat with money he had made recycling newspapers. As an adult, Martin continued to push himself through endurance sports, competing in numerous adventure races as well as completing several Iron Man challenges. His business career has also allowed him to remain close to both the mountains and ocean – just not at the same time. After working on the East Coast, Mar

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